Gallery update

I’ve just updated the gallery page with the first photograph! Go check it out.

Big red bus up next! No, seriously there is one!

EDIT : 19:00 GMT

I’ve currently put the gallery on hold. The image processing capabilities on this laptop arent as good as they are on my computer – coupled with the fact the screen on here isn’t a fair and accurate representation of the colours on the photographs.

Therefore i’m going to blank the page for the meantime until i can sort it out to look in some sort of meaningful state.


February 19, 2006 at 4:36 pm 1 comment


Welcome to Sam Needs Photography. I am not a photography company, nor is this “web page” a commercial venture. This is simply a showcase / gallery of my photographic work. Since i’m new to the whole photography blog stuff, please give me some time to add photographs which i like and want to share.

Thanks for visiting and keep checking back!

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